The right accounting partner is a game changer.


Increase ROI

Focus on growth, expansion, and efficiency, instead of working your way down a long list of daily accounting tasks.



Skilled accounting professionals 'plug in' to your current operations and integrate seamlessly with your team.



Scale your financial control and accounting support. You focus on growth, we focus on cash flow and improving profitability.

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Interested In Learning More?

We work with a variety of clients, ranging from small one-employee operations, self-funded startups, and high-growth businesses with 50+ employees. Here are some of things we may be able to help with:

  • Day-to-day book keeping and financial management
  • New business registrations
  • Payroll and benefits management
  • Bill pay and accounts receivable collections
  • Accounting cleanup/revamp/reorganization
  • Setting up financial models and budgets
  • Assisting with internal cost control measures
  • Advising on risk management and determining firm hurdle rates
  • More!

Does this sound like something that might be useful? 


Learn How Start-Up Accounting Can Help You

Use any of our services in whatever configuration your business needs. No minimums, whether its a few hours per month or multiple full-time equivalents, we can provide whatever you need to run smoothly and achieve the next level of growth!

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Accounting Services

Whether you just need a few hours per month to close the books or day-to-day accounting help in managing the transactions, providing weekly/monthly reports, running payroll, managing and paying bills, and collecting accounts receivable, we have you covered!

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Financial Management

Put your accounting data to work and create forward-looking financials (budgets, financial models), unit economics analysis and inventory controls, and develop other tools to more preciely manage the business finances and push next-level growth.

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Ready to Talk?

Schedule a complimentary discovery session to review business needs, your goals and how we might be able to help you achieve them. The discovery session is a two-part process. The first component is a phone call with one to several key stakeholders where we will:

  • Learn more about what business you're in,  your business model, and explore what you're looking for help with
  • Discuss current systems and processes to Identify pain points and other bottlenecks related to finances and internal processes that you're interested in working with us on
  • Identify items that require further exploration

The second component is an in internal review where Wilkins & Co:

  • Reviews standardized financial statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow) and other accounting assets (spreadsheets, usually)
  • Takes a deep dive in the General Ledger to explore transaction categorizations and the Chart of Accounts
  • If possible, explores other relevant software pieces (payroll, bill pay, etc) to see how current systems are put together
  • Reviews website, marketing material, value propositions, value chain maps (if available), typical contracts with customers/suppliers, and customer acquisition strategies

After the discovery period, we will circle back and discuss what a working, value-added arrangement would look like, including costs, processes, and timelines.

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